cichlid fry deformities

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cichlid fry deformities

by JT_1

has anybody ever had fry who had deformities
my yellow lab rescently had released her fry and one of them has a different body look. it has a bump on his left side, which makes one fin taller than the other. also the two fins which cichlids have on their abdomenal arent really under it. they are more on his side
i was wondering if i should have more care for it than i do for the other fish

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by Bigfish0016124

My biology teacher had a lake malawi yellow lab that had a deformed face and it seemed to be fine with the rest of the school and didn' t have trouble getting food ( believe me i had lot of time to watch the tank because that class was boring sometimes LOL!) as far as the amount of care you should give it I don't really have an answer except that it will probibibly adapt to its disibility just like any other animal would.

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by gumbii

kill it...

we breeders, if needed, will cull out the deformed fry... and then i stop breeding the two breeder parents... that way the species is stronger... plus... in the wild a deformed fish will get eaten/killed faster than regular fry...

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by thisfish884485

I have caught a speckled trout in the wild that had some weird scoliosis. I have seen the same thing with guppies and my brother has some weird little pearl whisker fish thing that has it too. They show now hinderance but i wouldnt want to breed them like gumbii said. I will post a picture of it. It competes in the tank just fine and is extremely active. check it out in a day or two when the authorize the pic

cichlid fry deformities

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