compatability -semi aggressive tank

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compatability -semi aggressive tank

by Indigofera

looking for feedback from experienced fish keepers:
(See my tank profile for current fish)

Would like to add one or two more fish to large tank.
Know will have to upgrade tank size someday for the Dat., but do not want to add any new fish that will expedite this.
Considering a Berdmorei Tiger Loach, a Dwarf Green Pike Chiclid, or pondering a Betta for some color ? (know the Dat. could one day eat this when becomes large enough).
Concerns about Loach's size, the pikes aggression and the Betta getting pecked at?
Other thoughts on unique or colorful additions?

Currently my Rainbow Shark is my mellow dude and would def. consider another with its temperament and size if it can handle the aggression of others.
Silver dollars have become fairly aggressive and have an endless appetite.
Am feeding guppies & frozen bloodworms (primarily for the Dat. & Leopard Ctenopoma)although are enjoyed by all, flakes, frozen brine, and shrimp & carniv. pellets. Trying to work out who will eat what, and more importantly, how to get enough food to bottom guys before silver dollars explode from gluttony!
Look forward to any feedback or suggestions.

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Re: compatability -semi aggressive tank

by Poetic_Irony2267

unfortunately i was unable to view your profile to see what size tank you have. however with the types of fish that you mentioned, i would not add a beta to the tank, if you have silver dollars a good way to keep them busy so that some of the food can get to the bottom feeders is to buy a romaine lettuce heart and cut a leaf into strips and put that in the tank before you start your normal feeding, this will benefit the fish by giving them the vegetable nutrients they need. the other thing as far as adding color to your tank you could possibly add another shark, try an albino rainbow, or some dwarf rams, blue and gold ones are fairly docile, if you want to keep your tank docile i would not add a pike cichlid, even dwarf pike cichlids can raise heck with your other fish and can decimate a tank in a hurry. tiger loaches would be an idea but they also get fairly large. if you could repost with some more information about your tank it will give me and the rest of the site an idea of what exactly you have and how big your tank is. this will allow us to give you better advice and ideas on what types of other fish you may want to add.


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by josmoloco

what is a DAT? add a firemouth or a peacock eel

compatability -semi aggressive tank

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