Tank wont stay clean

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Tank wont stay clean

by lilnan_c

I am fairly new to fish tanks, I have read and followed all directions. I currently have only two fish in my 55 gallon tank. I would like to add more, but I cant seem to keep the tank from clouding up. I just cleaned the tank and installed a underground filter to accompany my other filter as well as changed the filter and the tank is extremely cloudy already. What is the problem and how can I fix it. I would like to buy some fish, but I don't want them in this tank if I cant keep it clear for more than a week!! HELP PLEASE

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by Hunterzpa6356

How long ago did you set up the tank? It's normal when you set up a new tak for it to get cloudy for a day or more as it cycles - it does not always happen, but if it does, it's totally normal. You can also use a prodict like Crystal Clear to cause the fine particles to either fall to the bottom and become trapped in the substrate OR they will bond together and will then be large enough to be trapped by your filter. Also, trying to fix it everyday does not allow the tank to stabilize - when I set up a new tank - I use prime to dechlorinate the water, stability to stabilize and if the temp is good, I put fish in same day - some say it's undue stress but it works for me - I let the tank go this way for a week or so before I add anymore chemicals - I do add marine salt to help fight disease and stress coat to help the fish acclamate.

if the crystal clear is going to help, it will do so in a few hours - depending on how often your tank filters all the water. Good Luck -

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by spongebob4460

what color is the cloudiness?.... look close, even sample some water out and test against a white background... if its even slightly greenish it could be algae bloom. Otherwise, hunterzpa is right, most likely a bacterial bloom from the cycle process and will go away by itself, or with a few water changes spaced throughout a one week period.

Tank wont stay clean

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