10 gallon tank species

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10 gallon tank species

by Bigfish0016124

Hi, i need a little help with my 10 gallon as far as choosing the right species. I have been keeping fish for awile now and have kept many kinds of fish over the years. However I have a ten gallon that is not in use and i want something to put in it. I want something cool and colorful not just the usual species. Cichlids or killifish would be marvelous but i don't know any species that can live in that small of a tank.

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by gumbii

a half moon butterfly betta would be FTW!... imho...

cichlids... you could get a pair of balloon rams, or any kind of south american ram cichlid as long as you keep it down to 3-4 specimens... a pair of cribs would also rock...

if you are baller, get a pair of apistograma'... they're exotic, colorfull and have a great personality...

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by Zambize4899

I've got a half moon betta and he's incredible. Nothing like the veil tails you see in PetsMart. His spiky fins stick out around his body for about 180 degrees. He rocks... I like Gums idea of the api's. Either of these would be colorful and have lots of personality. Oh, and I just got an Angel Ram.....he's very cool.


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by Mike0372983

I would put in tetras, but you seem to want something different. Something that would be really pricey is a nano reef (clowns, firfish, and small ananome) but for a freash water tank you could get some guppies to breed and some killi fish with them. I would say 4 guppies and 4 killifish with a corydora.

10 gallon tank species

4 posts

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