snails growing all over my tank

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Re: snails growing all over my tank

by robbiem

when this happend to my tank i took my fish out of the the tank and got some snail killer ( king british ) and poured a bit in not following the guide lines as they did not work.

but if you do this make sure u take the fish out for an hour or so as some fish do not like the chemical level that high but after so long its alright to put them back in.

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Re: snails growing all over my tank

by friendofafriend

If they are indeed trumpet snails, don't worry about them. Let them run their course naturally, they are actually good biological filtration helpers. They feed on detritus in the gravel bed and on top, they won't harm your plants. I wouldn't commit to a clown loach unless you want a big fish eventually (they grow pretty large). I had a huge wave of them once and then over the course of a month they leveled off naturally. The zucchini trick is a good way to keep them in check.

Say no to chemical treatments or killers. And bleaching is pretty bad since its basically like starting your bacteria culture over again.

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by evelynmarch26

actually the best way to get rid of them without harming your fish or your established tank is by putting salad leaves in there at night or a piece of zuchini as someone suggested already
Put it in just before you turn off the light at night, and take it out in the morning, you will see that lots of snails will be hatched on it
repeat as often as needed
most likely you got them by putting new plants in your tank

Also stay away from chemicals, do it the natural way

And since i don't know what size tank we're talking about here, stay away especially from clown loaches
if you're considering puffers, they would need to be the dwarf puffers and are very sensitive as well

hope that helps

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by subymanny04

i dont know if anyones mentioned this but putting in a copper addative helps kill invertebrates in any tank. you can find safe copper addatives at a local aquarium that are safe for your fish and wont harm them or change any alkalinity or any thing else in your tank. hope that helps

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by cyndrine

from personal experience the snails came in on the live plants as eggs most likely. if you get anymore check them carefully for eggs and remove the eggs. if you do go chemicals to get rid of them be careful and check which ones are good for which fish. i heartily suggest a carnivorous fish to get rid of the snails or the zucchini trick. I have a couple fish in my tank that are extremely sensitive to chemicals and copper in particular so i avoid chemicals myself.

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by Peterkarig3210

There's already so many useful comments on this post that I don't have much to add except that I like snails; certian kinds. I like the little cone snails that hide (for the most part) during the day in the gravel and come out at night in mass to clean the glass and plants. These are not destructive to the plants as some kinds are. I also like the ramhorn snails which also clean the plants though sometimes too well. Tender plants can develope holes with these, but they didn't do enough damage to worry about for me. I bought three clown loaches anyway and they did a great job getting rid of my snails, so great that I had to put them in another tank so I could get the snail population going again to try to deal with an algae I have a problem with. Clown loaches can grow very large but for some reason my three have stayed < 3 inches for the last 2 years, and they've been housed in my 100 gallon tank??? They're healthy, active, and eat when I feed my fish, so who knows.

snails growing all over my tank

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