150g Help!!

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150g Help!!

by rcgman35055364

I finally got the water 100% clear, just had to take out the under-gravel filters.

Now Im looking for fish suggestions for the tank. Ive got a Rena XP4 and a Whisper 60 running right now. All plants are artificial with the exception of the bamboo. There is plenty of caves and cover along with a piece of real driftwood.

Right now it is a simple community tank with the everyday LPS fish in it. I was hoping to get some advice what what other fish to add to the tank. Im looking for some color to brighten the tank up too. I dont have many choices around me except the LPS'. There is one store that is not a franchise that we buy from that sells discus' but i have a hard time spending $40 on a fish.

Let me know of any suggestions.


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by Mike0372983

lucky discus in kanata ontario are from 60-150 bucks! I think that bosemani rainbows have really nice colour but I have never found them so far... angelfish would be nice too. And if you decide to get discus they are really picky about water quality and you have to do almost daily water changes. They can be really peacefull, and go with most community fish because their mouths are not as large. Overall they are really nice but hard to take care of, you could read up about them.

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by josmoloco

you could go with centralamarican cichlids. I have a 125 gallon with a rena xp3, a fluval 404 an aquaclear 110 and a 350 magnum. currently in the tank aer 2 convict 1 firemouth 1 salvini 1green terror 1 hybrid firemouth/convict and a niguraguan?/macaw cichlid along with a pacu, giant danios, 2 pictus catfish and a crayfish. all the fish are young and less than 3 inches. check out these fish and you will get color and action.

150g Help!!

3 posts

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