A shameless plug for my Betta fish - Finley

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A shameless plug for my Betta fish - Finley

by Zambize4899

As of right now, his picture is rated #2 out of 3462 freshwater fish worldwide!




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by jstcrusin

That is one beautiful betta I also like bettas I have one in my 55 gallon tank along with two females and then I have another in a ten gallon tank I call them underwater dogs I walk up to the tank and they come up to the glass and kind of do a dance like they are wagging their tales. If it were possible I would keep nothing but bettas in my tank. I also agree with you that females really are really under rated

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by Snowboss4492

no shame in that man ......Beautiful fish !!!!!!!

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by Deuce15663241

No offence It's a beautiful betta but i think it's more of the shot then the fish. Amazing fish but I angle and the moment you snapped the shot is what gives it the zing that it needs to me in the top ten. I guess I'm complimenting your skills more than the fish.

A shameless plug for my Betta fish - Finley

4 posts

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