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by martinutz

can any body tell me about this tanks. Somebody offered me one and I dont have a clue as to the pros and the cons.... I have a 55gal. tank with eartheaters and a blood parrot.

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by mro2you2

Is it a tall hex? If it is the con is less fish. and the pro well prettier, and can keep disus or angels. In my personal opion I wouldnt get it just because hey, us Freshes are all in it for fish and the Reefes up there are sitting high and dry with there pretty coral. Back too my point less fish no fun.

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by natalie265

I had a hex once and wouldn't get another one. The shape isn't ideal for many fish esp schooling fish. Plus, i prefer planted tanks and there is less surface area to grow plants. Also, their shape makes them harder to find space for in your home. However, they CAN look very nice.

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by MissQuark10506

I have an hex tank (5 gal) and I find it really practical for the space I have (on my work desk). There is less contact with air so technically it can host less fish but If you keep many plants in it, air stones and do regular water changes... these tanks works just fine. You can easily keep small fish in there and a betta, I don't know the size of your hex tank though.

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by Tmercier834747

I have a 30 hex. as others have said there's less surface area and room for fish to move laterally. I don't really like it, particularly the silicone seams visible from all sides. I don't have the heart to sell it since it was a gift from my girlfriend. Its far more tall then wide so i have to be sure my whole arm is clean before I can work on it at the substrates surface. -.- Oh...and it was hard as hell to find a light that would grow plants that would fit it well and look "clean." Incidentally I still don't have the wattage I was looking for, and can only run it open top for the light to work properly. Lastly I can't get my canister filter in the supplied cabinet without drilling holes in the back and I'm not really interested in doing that since it seems it would really weaken the cabinet integrity. My filter sits off to the side -- a real eyesore.

Can't say I really agree with the issue on finding room...in contrast to a 75gal long, this 30gal hex doesn't use much wall space at all...

If for some reason I ever lost all my fish in the tank I'd probably redo it with 5 or so dwarf puffers and a few more panda corydoras. I currently have an angel that shouldn't be in there and am trying to find a home for.

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by Sticks

I think it depends on what ur gonna put in the tank. I think hex tanks r good if ur gonna have a planted tank because the plants can grow tall and u can put diffrent types of cummunity fish in tha tank, ones that swim at tha bottom, in tha middle, and ones that swim at tha top. I dont think a hex tank would be good for a cichlid tank because you wont have alot of room for rock work


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