Should i just dump everything in my 10g and start fresh??!!

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Should i just dump everything in my 10g and start fresh??!!

by skitheeast36

Should i just dump everything in my 10g and start over?

So i just bought 80$ worth of replica plants after transferring all of my real plants in a 10g i bought for my betta and loved the way it looks! the problem is that its been 3 weeks since then and the 55g looks so much better than the 10g and they r basically right next to each other! so a thought just occurred to me! i just got paid and want to do something to the 10g since all there is in the tank now are live plants and ugly looking sand. would it be worth it if?...

I buy- Tahitian Moon Sand - Black 20lb
- Ditch all of the real plants or even put them aside (they are all either slim or small)
- Find a center piece or something along the lines of Texas Holey Rock of ebay (they look great but i cant buy them because of the pH)
- get a better light since i have some glo-lights in there as well and that with the black sand will make the glo-lights shine!

picture- 55g is the one with driftwood (obviously)

what do you think??!!
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by natalie265

Well, if it were MY ten gallon, i'd replace the light colored sand like you suggested, get a better light and add more live plants, not DITCH the live plants. Whatever you decide to do, i say, YES, IT IS WORTH IT!! **Coming from someone who buys aquarium supplies before she buys groceries ;) **

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by Ant071510085

i would do the same natalie said. except i would buy some groceries first lol

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by peterkarig

I'd go with the better light and try to get the live plants growing.

I'd venture to guess that at least some of your plants are at least relatively high-light requiring, and without a very expensive aquarium grow light or a lot of work building a top that can hold a double regular 2 foot long 40 watt hardware store flourescent you still won't be able to get them to grow.

Anubis Nana (small leaf) or Anubis Bartari (large leaf) , java fern (needs to grow on wood, java moss, and even to a point Amazon Sword can be grown with relatively low light.

My 10 year old son is doing very well using the hood that came with the tank, and he's just replaced one of the screw-in incandescents with a new compact florescent. He has the above named plants and they're doing fine.

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by mro2you2

I would get a background and maybe a big log and or a rock and more plants. the sands not too ugly.

Should i just dump everything in my 10g and start fresh??!!

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