something in the water!

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something in the water!

by vwfan79

So I tore down my wet/dry filter today to do a thorough cleaning. When i was cleaning the glass with a towel I noticed these little things wiggling around in the little puddles of water left on the bottom. I thought they may be some fry but were to small ( I think ) and look more like little black shrimp. There were quit a few of them all different sizes, they were in the water where I had the bio-balls soaking as well.
Has anyone else experienced these, and/or know anything about them?
Is this something I need to worry about or is this no big deal (or perhaps a good thing)?

Oh I have a 90 gallon mixed African Cichlid tank w/ about 26 fish (including catfish and algea eaters).

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by CedricAndCandy7566

They could be baby snails...I've found loads of them in my filter from time to time.

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by JazzyD_KingRoy

did you leave them outside? were they soaking outside?

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by yasherkoach

yes, sounds like snails

"soaking outside"...can you explain please

something in the water!

4 posts

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