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by tristan

hi i was just wondering if i could use beach sand in my tank, the other day i got some sand from the beach and i was going to put it in my tank but im just not to sure yet
i have a freshwater tank with african cichlids and the ph is already very high

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by JB20High9473

I woudl assume you are talking about a freshwater beach then aye? If not that might be a problem, but I am no expert. As for introducing any natural material I would think the same boiling cleaning issues would apply with sand as would rock and wood. I mean there are many naturally occuring materials and pests that you don't want finding a way into your tank. I hope someone else can give you better info!


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by yasherkoach

well if it from a beach with an ocean, you have loads of salt content...and you will have to get the salt out of the sand the best you can.

JB is right, you will have to boil it, and when I say boil it, I mean BOIL IT. Boil, let it dry out, boil it again, let it dry out, boil it again, etc until all the salt is out of the sand....

best thing to do is just go purchase some freshwater aquraium sand, they do sell it, and you won't have to go through so much boil dry boil dry boil dry....your choice pal


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