A few questions....

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A few questions....

by tigertaylor

A couple questions me and a friend have, are undergravel filters okay to use with live plants? Any pros or cons? Also, live plants in a coldwater setup, is a gravel heater a good idea? Any ideas of a good plant for a tropical setup that would vine on or grow on driftwood? Thankyou!

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by Tmercier834747

I have no experience with UGF, but most people here who have used them in the past view them as ticking time bombs. When some let their UGF's go too long without maintenance and then tore everything down to clean them they got a nasty surprise. Personally I think there's too many better options available to consider UGF. There are great HOB filters and relatively fair priced canister filters which do an incredible job and keep the mess out of the aquarium instead of under it, so to speak.

I think they might end up taking too many nutrients out of the substrate as well for good plant growth.

Java moss. You'd need to be a master of death in the flora department to kill it, and it attatches to driftwood relatively easily. I tied several large clumps on my wood with black cotton thread, then after several weeks it was attatched and I removed the thread.

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by zambize

I agree with T. Why put a mechanical device UNDER the substrate?! Do you really want to take it out one day to repair/replace it? What about the maintenance required for it vs. a HOB? And I agree about keeping the crud inside your tank vs. outside your tank. A HOB or canister is the way to go. So is Java Moss.


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by TigerTaylor8906

Thanks you guys, I was also afraid the under gravel would pull nutrients from the plants. I appreciate the info. I will try the Java Moss for sure!

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by natalie265

I also vote no on the under gravel filter. I hate those things! And they are especially bad for plants. Having air circulate past their roots is not a good thing. Not sure if an undergravel heater would be necessary. I think most plants aren't THAT picky about their temp as long as it is normal room temperature.

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by MonkeyChunks

I have a Java Fern in my aquarium . It has wrapped its roots around the piece of wood it was attached on. Also Anubias does it.

In case you don't know Java Fern looks like thin long sword like plant, while anubias has oval shaped leaves.

A few questions....

6 posts

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