Aqua one fish tank very hot

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Aqua one fish tank very hot

by a70m1c

I picked up a aquaone AR126 tank.
This is a 22L all in one tank that houses my multis.

it comes with a PL11W Triphosphor 7.1k Fluorescent Lighting Tube.

the tank runs at upto 32 degrees with the light on.

The tank tank next to it (4 footer) is always 3 to 4 degrees cooler when lights are on.

I am worried about the tempratures! i am thinking of a replacement light?

I am really annoyed that i am even having this problem because it is a purpose designed all in one tank.


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by cedricandcandy

That is annoying a70...I've got an aquaone tank and the lighting is crap too...apart from that they're good tanks.

Check what temp it gets to without the light on...and if its ok without the light then you'll have to replace the lighting for something else.

Aqua one fish tank very hot

2 posts

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