OH NO, His eye is busted!!!

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OH NO, His eye is busted!!!

by joshheatherc

Hello to all, well today I decided to clean my fish tank and remove my old blue rock with new black rock, so I put all my fish in a bucket and had it sitting on the kitchen counter, well my 9 inch Bala Shark decided to jump out and landed on the ground. I did not even think to cover them, well I did not know it until my little girl went in the kitchen and started making noises about it. Well Now his eye is all puffed up and has blood in it, is there anything I can do, or is it just how he is gonna be? Will the swelling in his eye go down? Any help would be great, if there is any help for him. He is my pride and joy, the biggest fish I got. Well thanks

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by fihsboy

I dont know much about freshwater......But I do know that if you run aquarium salt it will help him. I have a saltwater tank.......my 6 line wrasse had pop eye REALLY bad.....I through in some epsom salt...not much just a teaspoon and in a week and a half his pop eye was completly gone. Make sure you measure all your parameters so you dont through ph and alkalinity outta whack. But if you add a tad.....it should be good for him. 9 inch Bala Shark.......thats pretty long Bala. He sounds like hes been around for a while.

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by burgerking

epsom works great. It worked on my old ruby red shark, to bad it doesnt heal cat scratches...

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by Tmercier834747

You could also try something melafix along with aquarium salt. Reading directions carefully..

OH NO, His eye is busted!!!

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