snails growing all over my tank

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snails growing all over my tank

by bunglebrassett

can someone suggest a reason for this

i have never had this before

i changed the water did all i have before but now i an getting snails growing on the glass of my tank.

its driving me mad as i have changed the water and its happened again

the fish dont seem to be to affaeted by it at present but i am sure this wont last

any suggestion please

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by ci11337

They are probably trumpet snails that hitch hiked in, they won't cause any real harm but to thin their numbers try putting some raw meat on a plate in your tank overnight, in the morning toss the meat and snails. There are many fish that will eat them too, (botia loaches and some gouramis) Also step up your water changes to cut off their food supply. (detritus)

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by bunglebrassett

cheers for that

if your serious about the meat i will try it
as its getting crazy now

i will clean the tank more regular as well i do it
every 2 weeks at present

will also try your suggestion of some fish that eat them
as will


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Puffer fish

by ismuneer

you can add the small or medium sized puffer fish to clean up the snails for you.
that is what was recommended to me before.

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Re: snails growing all over my tank

by loach

I had those and they were all over my tank, I told the fish store and he said puffers or loaches and a lot of puffers are fin nippers. I'd get a couple Kuhli's or a Dojo loach. hope this helps.

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by tsegura

I've had the same problem for a few months now since i started putting live plants in my tank . I have heard of the raw meat but i am wondering if putting raw meat in a aquarium is a good idea due to all the viruses tha can come from raw meat (ecoli ,salmonella,etc.), can these viruses affect the fish? Also if these viruses get into the tank water can they affect you when performing regular matianance?

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by tyl888

I had the same problem a while back. what I did was I put slices of zucchini in the bottom of my tank at night and take them out in the morning. also I added a pea puffer and within weeks all the snails were gone.
also cut back on the amount of food you feed your fish.

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by truthseeker

If you siphon water out of the tank with a hose (i.e. for water changes) use it to siphon out the snails on the glass. Do this everyday for a week or so (you can dump the water back in once the snails have settled if you don't want to take out too much water). This will reduce the number of snails but will not eliminate them entirely. It is very hard to stop the snail population completely. Another possibility is to get some Florida Flagfish (Jordanella floridae). They love to eat snail eggs. BTW, what do the snails look like?

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by atpgtr

Good luck getting rid of them. I had taken a tank and bleached it multiple times. NEVER GET SNAILS unless you want them forever

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by Benson2611

if you want to get rid of them the best bet is any kind of loach. botia or clowns are very good at eating them.

snails growing all over my tank

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