new pic of tank

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new pic of tank

by jweb1369

filled in the right side with travertine slabs.

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by ChristinaBug2890

Looks heavy! I'd never be brave enough to do it. trav light weight?

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by a1k8t31524

yeah looks really heavy

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by jweb1369

it's pretty heavy but is stable.

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by Alfio7663

What was the purpose of adding them?

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by bigwillcast

I really like that set up jweb. nice work.

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by yasherkoach

the purpose of adding the rock, outside of being artistic, is to give haven for the fish especially any fry

small fish and fry thrive on the crevices of rocks; it's natural instinct for small or fry to hide, to seek refuge regardless if actually threatened by another tankmate or not, it is where they go

looks to me jweb did his fish a great benefit. I know if i were a fish I'd love to hide in between that rock, it's so cool.

great job jweb

new pic of tank

7 posts

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