copper safe and live plants

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copper safe and live plants

by homebrew

Will copper safe kill my live plants? I have my entire tank planted (20 individuals plants) and used copper safe with out reading the precautions through. I immediately did a 40% water change and changed the filters. Is there anything else I should do to avoid potential plants losses?

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by a1k8t31524

i would just say wait it out and see do your water changes and put TONS ov new carbon in you filter
and you should be fine
if that dosent work i would do 100% water change
I never use coper based medications in my tanks, just as a rule of thumb

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by yasherkoach

copper of any quantity will wreck havoc on your invertebrates (if you have any)

also the best thing for your plants is a Flourish Tablet which come in a 18 package deal, it will last for 18 months

the fish poop will also provide fertilizer for the plants; also you may want to purchase a few otocinclus catfish or snails which help to clean the leaves by removing any buildup on the leaves that will clog its pores; and of course you should have a good plant bulb (there are bulbs specifically for plants)

well this is all folks...enough for me...I replied to 10 posts tonight, this is the limit I set for myself.

Happy Fishing Pardners!!!!

copper safe and live plants

3 posts

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