my new tank

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my new tank

by adamcore

I just picked up this 85 gallon tank on Saturday

Here is what the tank looked when the previous owner had it set up: ... ytank1.jpg ... ytank2.jpg

This is what it looks like with nothing in it: ... mytank.jpg

Its pretty nice, though I'm not sure who made it. Its acrylic and came with two HOB filters, great condition wooden stand, all the rocks and sand that are in the aquarium pics and a nice top/light.

I'm looking at picking up one of of these penn plax filters in a couple weeks. ... sterfilter

Other then that I'm not really sure what direction I'm going with the tank. Cant even
decide whether I want to use rocks or sand.

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by jmclark

Where did you get the tank from mate? my old man used to have one that looked like that, James

my new tank

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