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by Bigfish0016124

Hi, i was wondering if there are any species of angelfish that can go in a 10 gallon tank. Thanks!

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by doomydarkdoom

Well, if you only have one angelfish, and you start him small, you can probably get away with a 10-gallon, but if you try to add any more angels they will definitely pick each other to death, unless you just luck out big time and get two docile ones. Don't count on that.

Maybe one angel and some peaceful community fish... but remember, one gallon per inch of fish, and the angelfish will grow both longer AND taller, so he'll need most of the room to himself.

Most of the freshwater angels in a store are going to be Pterophyllum scalare. You can try to find a true wild-type, Pterophyllum altum, but most you find labeled "wild type" are going to be hybrids or look-alikes, and not true wild ones.

In short, they're pretty much all the same species, unless you find a really good aquarium store, so it's up to you what color you'd like.

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by Mike0372983

I would say no

it will get to tall and stressed out

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by j_bball_rox

starting from the top i have been told that angelfish are cute and small at the start but the small little itty bitty angelfish can turn into a ferociuous biting tetra hunter.
examples of size:
1) Freshwater Angelfish Fry

2) Freshwater Angelfish Small about 4cm wide and 6cm tall

3) Freshwater Angelfish Large about 7cm wide and 13cm tall

sorry to put your hopes down but angelfish grow at that rate in about a year to a year and a half.

When the angelfish gets to that size I refered to or bigger they start eating tetras and other small fish.

I would recommend a species only tank if an angelfish is wanted
1d26b-small baby freshwater angelfish.jpg
dabf3-large freshwater angelfish.jpg


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