The fish are upset....

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The fish are upset....

by jesskam22

After i had cleaned my tank for the first time, the fish seemed afraid of me. I have cleaned it 2 or 3 times since then but the fish are scared to death of me. I figured they would snap out of it. whenever i walk into the room they hide until im gone. what do i do? will they ever be normal again?

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by KK174

i dont really think theres an answer for that? no one here is like a fish therapist...

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by dizzcat

If they are new it will take them time to get used to you. After a month or so they will only hide while you are working in the tank and then come right back out.

My fish in my community tank do this. Every time I do a water change they act as if I am the scariest person on earth! My African cichlids on the other hand make me feel like the BEST thing to walk the earth LOL. They play While I am cleaning and then after go crazy having fun. But, they dive into their caves every time a person walks into the room until that person settles down somewhere. So it just all depends on the fish.

Be patient. :-)

The fish are upset....

3 posts

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