Please Help!!!!

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Please Help!!!!

by debdg1979

ok.... so a few questions for all u people that are really really good at fish tanks i do ok my tank is clear clear clear and some fish i have had over 9 mo and that makes me happy i gotta be doing something right welll i want to change some things in the tank im tired of how it look and well to be honest i really want to make it look like a salt water tank im not ready to try that yet someday i will but not now so im thinkin if i make it look like one i would be happy can i do that? without killing my fish?????

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by platipus12321

wash you hands and rinse them really well... then just move you decor around the way you what it!! if it is a new decor then rinse it and TADA!!!

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by freshwaterpleco

One way to make your tank look like a salt water is to add sand to it. Make sure it is not coral sand. That will kill freshwater fish like yours. Another way is to add artificial coral to it to give it a salt water look

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by miami754

I'm not sure what kind of fish you have, but an easy way to make a FW look like a SW is to do an African cichlid tank. I have a mbuna tank (type of African cichlids) and it is often mistaken as a saltwater tank by people. It is 58 gallons and I stacked 103 lbs of lace rock up the back. It gives it the live rock "feel" without the coral. Also the cichlids are so bright that many people that are not that familiar with fish think they must be SW. Anyway, that is my two cents. You must do your research with cichlids due to compatibility issues and aggression, but if you research them alot, you can end up with something really nice. I have kept fish for a while now and nothing even comes close to cichlids. I will probably never raise anything else ever.

Please Help!!!!

4 posts

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