air pumps

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air pumps

by Mike0372983

I was going to buy an airpump and I saw different models for different sizs of tanks. My tank is a 30 gallon, would I be alright to buy an air pump that is meant for a 10 gallontank. Does it matter or will it affect my fish?

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by Peterkarig3210

Since you aren't using the air stone for filtration it doesn't matter much how strong it is. Most of the oxygen gets into the water through the surface of the tank, and the filter you have should move the water around enough to adequately oxygenate your tank. It depends on if you want a wall of bubbles or only a small air stone. If cost is not an issue, I'd buy a bigger one and then you have the ability to adjust for a little or a lot of bubbles.

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by Makahveli4210

Another question: Are air pumps a must? I have a 72 gallon bow front, with a fluval 304 and a marineland penguin 350 and 200. Am I still gonna need an air pump?

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by gumbii

adding air stones and bubble curtains are more asthetic than functional...

if you want function i would go with these guys... ... 3&catId=20
let those guys han about 2 inches above the gravel/floor... that helpes with watercirculation, oxygenation, help detoxify amonia and and eliminate dead spots with the watercirculation thing that i allready mentioned... lol...

i've used those stones before when i had bare bottom tanks full of large fancy goldfish... i honestly noticed a difference... i still use a setup with 4 of those in my ponds...

if i want a scattered bubble look, i burry a marineland flexible bubble wand in the sand and get a cheappie wal-mart pump with two outlets for 10 bucks...

makahveli... i'm a huge fan of marineland... and i believe that the biowheels aerate as well as biological media... if there is surface agitation, splashing and bubbles then that should be enough... but if you're overstocked i would op for the air pump...

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by freshwaterpleco

Yes it is perfectly fine and i have a 30 gallon with a 10 gallon air pump. Go to a fish store and the small airstones are only about 29 cents.

air pumps

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