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Loki - Additional Pictures

Photo Caption: Long view of Hawaiian Tank showing the feel of whole concept. Tank is filled with African cichlids, but has two plecos and two Chinese algae eaters, a gold and an albino. I\'ll try to make available pics of albino auratus, male cobalt, and stunning male electric yellow soon.
Photo Caption: Hawaiian Tank in all it\'s glory.
Rating: 4.85
Votes: 87 times.
Category Avg. Score: 3.92
Rated higher than 84.42% of tanks in this category
Ranked #793 out of 5090 worldwide
Photo Caption: Power struggle between two albino auratus and female auratus while two unlikely johanni suiters look on.
Rating: 6.13
Votes: 23 times.
Category Avg. Score: 4.37
Rated higher than 94.89% of tanks in this category
Ranked #379 out of 7414 worldwide
Photo Caption: And a tank matures