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icehive - Additional Pictures

Photo Caption: 130 gallon tank with Powder Blue Tang, Heniochus, Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, Sailfin Tang, Clown Fishes, Niger Trigger, Striped Damsels (avoid damsels - they're a pain!), Green Chromis, Green Serpent Star, Electric Blue Hermit Crab, Cleaner Shrimp, Lots of Hermit Crabs, and a Blue Lobster.
Rating: 5.95
Votes: 115 times.
Category Avg. Score: 4.61
Rated higher than 93.82% of tanks in this category
Ranked #35 out of 566 worldwide
Photo Caption: Imperator Angel Fish - took a pic of him at night when he was roaming around. : )
Rating: 6.35
Votes: 23 times.
Category Avg. Score: 5.16
Rated higher than 89.21% of tanks in this category
Ranked #170 out of 1576 worldwide