• Absolutely magnificent!!!! You did an unbelievable job!!! Fish avatar

    2010-04-14 11:06:35

  • it's a marvel I'll buy it for $50,000 Mystic_goldfish avatar Mystic_goldfish

    2009-11-12 20:21:11

  • fantastic!!!!! TigerTaylor avatar TigerTaylor

    2009-03-31 23:50:52

  • This is probably one of the coolest tanks i've seen on here. Nice job I would like to create something like this some day. Serial32 avatar Serial32

    2008-06-15 09:13:12

  • Love it. Best I have seen to date. Barny. barny61 avatar barny61

    2008-04-28 14:22:05

  • Splendid setup! Does this setup add a great deal of humidity to the room it is in? Your light-switch top-off sounds lovely. celticchrys avatar celticchrys

    2008-01-14 12:24:25

  • Holy... how do you take the time to do that? anyways awesome display and very well job! You should definetly be #1! Mike037 avatar Mike037

    2007-10-27 10:58:53

  • If u did this with a Fish tank,,, What the heck does your house look like man!? I think that tank is where fish go when they die! If not,, can I be buried in there? DBriggs avatar DBriggs

    2007-10-05 01:27:50

  • OK so,, I am FLOORED! How ,wha,, which,???LOL! This tank is beyond amazing! How could this tank not be #1? What kind of tree stump did you use? Man!,,, If you could produce more tanks like this,,,, Takashi Amano better watch OUT! SUPERB! DBriggs avatar DBriggs

    2007-10-05 01:24:35

  • perfect perfect. special design a lot of taste. you must be proud friend. Fish avatar bbarar

    2007-08-31 02:38:21

  • NiCe. I like how it comes out of the tank, very well displayed. RJAdvanceAquatic avatar RJAdvanceAquatic

    2007-06-10 10:22:05

  • WOW!!!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning! (Freakin' awesome!!!) Kudos to your dedication....seems like too much work for me! Fish avatar pam4fish

    2007-06-04 19:03:54

  • brilliant idea nicholsbrendan avatar nicholsbrendan

    2007-05-28 22:28:35

  • Quite interesting.very nice indeed. newt avatar newt

    2007-05-23 21:14:34

  • Just wow man. WOW! Tropical90 avatar Tropical90

    2007-04-22 01:40:52

  • AMAZING TANK! jombi21 avatar jombi21

    2007-04-14 23:25:44

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