• did u make the background? if yes, how?AWEandthenSOME! doogle avatar doogle

    2011-02-22 14:16:22

  • Background makes the tank -- fantastic. Tmercier83 avatar Tmercier83

    2010-12-23 11:51:21

  • I love the background, nice fit with the Discus. Congrats!!! lobo317 avatar lobo317

    2010-09-23 19:46:06

  • are the god of this website. Not only beautifully pieced together, but a true work of art. 10/10 stars. Fish avatar jumanjiFish

    2010-06-21 10:48:18

  • absolute beauty, has to be one of the most interesting underwater worlds in glass i have seen on here. class! waterbabe avatar waterbabe

    2010-06-17 13:28:54

  • Beautiful tank and fish!!! Fish avatar

    2010-06-09 15:32:02

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