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  • Brilliant Fikus, as always. For aquascaping you are the top man ! barny61 avatar barny61

    2010-05-14 12:53:21

  • Absolutely magnificent tank!!! You did a fantastic job!!! Fish avatar

    2010-04-15 09:10:47

  • YEAHHH!! thats a nice tank dude...need lager pix sketch420 avatar sketch420

    2010-01-26 15:26:28

  • words cannot describe! Awesome! Neo111 avatar Neo111

    2009-11-27 13:36:35

  • WONDERFUL! Fish avatar pupilove

    2009-03-24 14:30:36

  • I have, as of late, seen some of the most beautiful freshwater tanks on this site. This one is no exception, it is a real 10!! Quite a fantastic set up. Visually breathtaking. Fish avatar bumper007

    2008-12-11 19:07:49

  • right now, I use Iwasaki MH bulbs for that purpose. Of course, there are few schools of different Tetras... Cheers, Fikus FIKUS avatar FIKUS

    2008-10-19 18:54:53

  • nice tank - plz, tell me the dimensions & the wich kind of light you use - and btw: with or without animals? seeya, koba koba2 avatar koba2

    2008-03-30 07:31:48

  • lovfishwpassion1, thanks for your comment. Once you provide appropriate conditions and needed equipment, plants will last for a good and easily propagate. Half an hour every day seems to be enough time to keep your aquarium under control, including regular water changes as well as occasional trimming and replanting. Have no idea how much money it could cost but no doubt that your commitment and hard work are much more important than possible costs, if you wish to have planted tank. Best regards, FIKUS FIKUS avatar FIKUS

    2008-01-01 08:16:52

  • wow your tank is beautiful!!!!!! I just got a 29 gallon tank and i want it to be a planted one but i have never done one before so i need some help. How much time and work does it take to have such a beautiful tank like yours? ALso how long do plants last for? And how much money would it be for a 29 gallon tank to look like this? and if you have any tips for me please share! lovfishwpassion1 avatar lovfishwpassion1

    2007-12-30 20:47:33

  • Thanx for your comments and rgds. fikus FIKUS avatar FIKUS

    2007-12-17 11:54:21

  • this is the best planted tank i ever saw! wow you should be extremely proud! what are those fish though? Fish avatar typicalbadass

    2007-12-13 17:39:13

  • beautiful transition from front to back, I really enjoy this layout! friendofafriend avatar friendofafriend

    2007-11-30 05:07:30

  • Hi Pete and thanks. Upper parts on the left and right side are Hemianthus and foreground in middle is mostly Glosso. So far, the growth of Hemianthus with CO2 addition is fine, as it has to be trimmed at least once a week. Have no experience how it growths w/o pressurized co2. FIKUS avatar FIKUS

    2007-11-27 15:40:15

  • Lovely setup, well done. One question, is the ground cover plant Hemianthus and if so does it grow ok with co2 (or not without co2), although looking at your tank it looks like it grows fine. Once again, fantastic planted tank. Pete. barny61 avatar barny61

    2007-11-27 14:28:16

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13l planted
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