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reffer513 - Additional Pictures

Photo Caption: 46gal reef tank This tank is only been going 4 months, going well so far! So glad I got back into this hobbie after a 7 year hiatus! Still battling the new tank alge and cynical but I\'m fighting it.
Rating: 6
Votes: 49 times.
Category Avg. Score: 5.09
Rated higher than 83.68% of tanks in this category
Ranked #254 out of 1556 worldwide
Photo Caption: 46galbowfront
Photo Caption: Side view
Photo Caption: Zoe\'s and shrooms, the green kind!
Photo Caption: Flower annemone
Photo Caption: Open matrix brain lps
Photo Caption: Orange fungia plate
Photo Caption: Side view
Photo Caption: 46gal bowfront
Photo Caption: 46gal bowfront