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Candidcamel's Freshwater Tanks Photo (ID 6330) - Full Version

User: candidcamel

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My super cool tank!!

Photo Caption: My super cool tank!!
Tank Description: My tropical freshwater tank is a custom made to order kit that I purchased from a company in France called Octopus Studios. As you can see from the picture it is a really wild design that gets a lot of wow's from friends. It measures about a metre cubed/3.3 foot cubed and holds about 230Litres/60gall. The kit is a complete setup that includes highest quality eheim filters/ lighting and aeration.
Ranked #288 out of 4857 freshwater tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 94.07% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 5.4
This tank has been rated : 263 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 3.93
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Fish Kept: The tank is currently set up as a community tank with Gouramis, Barbs, Tetras and some peaceful Cichlids.
Corals/Plants Kept: .
Tank Size: 60


  • 10 you got...very interesting...I was thinking someday to have a tank, about 300 gallons or so that would rap around a room, from corner to corner...but yours is way cool yasherkoach avatar yasherkoach

    2010-01-21 17:46:44

  • That is so awesome! Must be hard to clean? Daveyman avatar Daveyman

    2009-01-17 07:37:46

  • thats great! i'd sit for hours watching them traveling around there, its a bit like a space ship :) take a look at mine. waterbabe avatar waterbabe

    2008-05-04 12:25:38

  • How you make that, I want one! Fish avatar Mr_Fish

    2008-03-30 18:30:28

  • THATS BAD ASS!!! CHECK OUT MINE... THEOTIP , its a 2 gallon tank. THEOTIP avatar THEOTIP

    2008-03-18 22:11:26

  • very neat tank. Bet it makes a great conversation peice. houseguy avatar houseguy

    2008-01-01 23:30:14

  • ONE WORD, WOW! Fish avatar RTMAN

    2007-11-17 19:09:26

  • Very cool tank setup,,,,wow! wouldn't want to clean this though,,,must be fun? Very Unique and future looking. jesterspub avatar jesterspub

    2007-09-30 10:10:32

  • 1. Do you lift the black lighting fixtures off to feed the fish? 2. What cichlids have you got in there? Fish avatar Mystix212

    2007-06-26 22:16:10

  • Most ingenious and creative aquarium I've ever seen. How did you come up with the idea? Fish avatar orishas92

    2007-05-12 21:14:20

  • Cool idea where can i pick on up Fish avatar jennseib

    2007-05-10 12:01:27

  • This is the most origional aquarium I've ever seen! I luv it!!! Fish avatar cichlidluv

    2007-04-20 20:48:58

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