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Eaze333's Reef Tanks Photo (ID 37539) - Full Version

User: eaze333

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full tamk

Photo Caption: full tamk
Tank Description: SPS dominated mixed reef. Lighting- 6 bulb T-5 Skimmer- Reef Octopus XS-160 Flow- 2@ Koralia-1400's, 1@Koralia 1050
Ranked #91 out of 1554 reef tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 94.14% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 6.48
This tank has been rated : 149 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 5.1
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Fish Kept: Hippo Tang, Pair of Ocellarias clowns. Red Mandarin,Psuedochrimis,Melanarus wrasse,Mystery wrasse
Corals/Plants Kept: SPS-many acropora and montipora LPS-Elegance,acans,hammer,torch,frogspawn,chalices,favia Softies-Tyree green toadstool,mushrooms,zoas also have clams-crocea,maxima,derasa
Tank Size: 75


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