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Envyme213's Freshwater Fish Photo (ID 35452) - Full Version

User: envyme213

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Photo Caption: Betta
Tank Description: I've got a 110 gallon freshwater fish tank, loaded with lava rock, artificial plants, fake coral, and large stones I found at the beach.
Ranked #1100 out of 7358 freshwater fish worldwide
This picture looks better than 85.05% of pictures in this category
The Average Score for this picture is: 5.43
This picture has been rated : 14 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.36
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About Yourself: I love fish! Enough said..
Fish Kept: Blue lobsters, skirt tetra, angelfish, gouramis, plecos, bala sharks a dwarf frog, mollys, tiger barbs, platys
Corals/Plants Kept: Plants are are the coral
Tank Size: 110