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User: ajordan155

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Sea shell tank on solid oak base.

Photo Caption: Sea shell tank on solid oak base.
Tank Description: Sea shell tank on solid oak base. The tank is a 6' long 120 gallon, with 'back to nature' 3D background, x2 405 Fluvals and all the other usual bits and bobs which include a UV steriliser.
Ranked #137 out of 2356 planted tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 94.19% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 6.45
This tank has been rated : 99 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.74
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About Yourself: Started with Goldies then moved through to tropicals and then splashed out on the biggie to house the discus. Running x3 tanks of various sizes.
Fish Kept: Home to x7 Discus, x40 cardinals, x2 pearl gouramis, x3 cory's and a couple of BN's (starlight)
Corals/Plants Kept: All sorts, of plants that is.
Tank Size: 120