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Whitneygene's Planted Tanks Photo (ID 25521) - Full Version

User: whitneygene

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72 Gallon Bowfront, hardwater plants

Photo Caption: 72 Gallon Bowfront, hardwater plants
Tank Description: 125 Gallon, 3 x 24" double strip Coralife normal output T5, Fluval 404 Canister, Rena XP3 Canister
Ranked #121 out of 2339 planted tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 94.83% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 6.5
This tank has been rated : 115 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.73
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About Yourself: My passion took over my life when I started working in the fishroom at Preuss Pets. I learn something every single day at my job, and it can be very rewarding helping people in starting the most addictive hobby we've ever tried.
Tank Size: 125


  • wow lovely...  avatar

    2010-12-16 22:44:18

  • Wow, thats a fantastic looking set up. Very well done! TigerTaylor avatar TigerTaylor

    2009-03-21 13:40:44

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