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Kingpin1755's Saltwater Fish Tanks Photo (ID 1511) - Full Version

User: kingpin1755

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Photo Caption: NEW TANK PIC
Tank Description: 1 chiller with single stage temperature controller, uv sterilzer, 3 power heads, 2 heaters, wet-dry filter, protein skimmer and partridge in a pear tree
Ranked #105 out of 559 saltwater fish tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 81.22% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 5.26
This tank has been rated : 280 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.6
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Fish Kept: 2 trigers, feather lip grooper, 2 porcupine puffers, emperor snapper, spoted red grooper, snowflake eel
Corals/Plants Kept: dried corals
Tank Size: 110


  • what kind of rock is that Fish avatar bmxfisherclay

    2009-03-05 19:29:49

  • I like the set up, but it looks more like a fresh water tank if it wasn't for the fish. Get some live rock and it will look better!! rockadykto80 avatar rockadykto80

    2007-11-13 14:33:06

  • sweet setup dude Fish avatar mooshpie

    2007-10-18 22:55:28

  • very nice tank,cool!!!! Fish avatar butterfly

    2007-09-26 05:53:57

  • thats one sexy tank Fish avatar lobstt29

    2007-09-13 17:58:49

  • pretty COol =P fish2306 avatar fish2306

    2007-07-20 11:42:20

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