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MrWaxhead's Planted Tanks Photo (ID 11768) - Full Version

User: MrWaxhead

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4 Foot 50 Gallon Tropical community tank.

Photo Caption: 4 Foot 50 Gallon Tropical community tank.
Tank Description: 4' 50G planted - Tank is c02 enriched 6.4 ph, 2.5kh, 3.5gh, 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 5 to 10 mg/l nitrate. With 3.7 wpg of 6500k lighting on a 10 hour cycle.
Ranked #44 out of 2338 planted tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 98.12% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 6.92
This tank has been rated : 171 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.73
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Fish Kept: 18 Cardinal Tetras, 10 Neon Tetras, 6 GlowLight Tetras, 1 SAE, 4 Peppered Corries, 3 Pearl Gouramis 1m 2f, 4 ottos, 10 Japonica shrimp And the following that will be rehomed in a differnt tank very soon and replaced with a few more Cardinals, 8 Zebra danios, 3 colombian blue red and 2 white skirt tetras
Corals/Plants Kept: The left of the tank is Riccia fluitans and Vesicularia dubyana tied down onto a system of hollow rock caves on a sand substrate. The center of the tank is all ludwigia repens, Nuphar stellata, Eleocharis parvula, Echinodorus tenellus, and a few crypts in flourabase, with a anubis on the wood that seperates the wood from the sand. The right of the tank is Microsorum pteropus regular and Windelov rooted onto a twisted pile of roots about 2 inches of the plain gravel with larger rock substrate, to create mangrove effect under them for the fish to find shelter. And a lonely crypt off in front of them.
Tank Size: 50


  • Beautiful! But I don't know about #1? tonytsl avatar tonytsl

    2007-10-17 13:14:08

  • excellent tank you have, you should be proud. well laid out & the neons/cards in place just sets it all off brilliantly:) well done. mralgae avatar mralgae

    2007-10-14 20:54:32

  • Hey Mr. Waxhead! It's me, lol :o) Great-looking tank and it definitely deserves the score! :o) AnonymousNY avatar AnonymousNY

    2007-10-05 07:35:16

  • I am sure it will balance down as it pulls in more votes, as there are many tanks far nicer then mine on here. I just noticed the tank from india in 2 only has a few votes as well. So it must just be a issue of a handful of high votes, rating it high, and as lower votes balance it out, it will come down the rungs fast, I am sure. MrWaxhead avatar MrWaxhead

    2007-10-05 00:28:34

  • How did u get ranked #1 after 15 Votes? This must be a Joke! The take is cool and all But,,,, #1 I dunno about that! DBriggs avatar DBriggs

    2007-10-05 00:11:54

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MrWaxhead - Additional Pictures

Side view
Photo Caption: Side view
Many changes along the way have taken the riccia out etc
Photo Caption: Many changes along the way, have taken the riccia out etc.
Rating: 5.99
Votes: 108 times.
Category Avg. Score: 4.73
Rated higher than 87.08% of tanks in this category
Ranked #302 out of 2338 worldwide