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NikkiB's Planted Tanks Details and Photos - Photo 4056

User: NikkiB

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My setup  with plants and two peices of driftwood
Ranked #1148 out of 2356 planted tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 51.27% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 4.75
This tank has been rated : 249 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.74
State: None/Other
Country: South Africa South Africa Flag
Photo Caption: My setup - with plants and two peices of driftwood
Description: My tank is a 20 gallon (about 70-75litre tank). It is 60x30x30. I use cascade 100 hang on filter, with a 100watt heater, and one day-glo light, and one bio-glo light. They stay on for normally 12 hours a day. Im using some substrate fertilizer, as well as some sorena liquid fertilizer for my plants. No co2 just yet.
Advice: Do water changes regulalry, take things slowly, and RESEARCH!
Fish Kept: 2 male "peacock" dwarf gouramis, 5 cardinal tetras (I am gettin 5 more soon), 2 Panda corys (also getting 4 more soon), one bristlenose pleco (a baby). I would also like to get a female gourami and seperate the two males. I would like to try breeding them
Corals/Plants Kept: Elodea Densa, Hygrophilia Polysperma, anubius nana and bacopa monnieri and lileaopsis
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