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Vincepits's Reef Tanks Details and Photos - Photo 404

User: vincepits

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Ranked #226 out of 1554 reef tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 85.46% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 6.04
This tank has been rated : 389 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 5.1
State: Kansas
Country: United States United States Flag
Photo Caption:
Description: lost this tank 12-28-04 due to ice storm we had in kansas



  • what could you have had on hand to keep that tank, knowing what you know now? like a generater and stuff like that?would that have even helped? sorry for such a loss everything was beautifull doogle avatar doogle

    2011-02-26 12:40:09

  • Wow thats impressive!! What a shame to hear but seems like you know what your doing there!! Fish avatar cstrasser55

    2009-02-25 21:26:20

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vincepits - Additional Pictures

  • 8000g fish only
    Photo Caption: 8000g fish only
    Rating: 7.1
    Votes: 187 times.
    Category Avg. Score: 4.6
    Rated higher than 99.82% of tanks in this category
    Ranked #1 out of 561 worldwide