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Stevekm's Freshwater Tanks Details and Photos - Photo 31408

User: stevekm

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400ltr Malawi Tank
Ranked #76 out of 4956 freshwater tanks worldwide
This tank looks better than 98.47% of tanks in this category
The Average Score for this tank is: 5.9
This tank has been rated : 98 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 3.94
State: None/Other
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag
Photo Caption: 400ltr Malawi Tank.
Description: Juwel rio 400 ltr ,5 foot tank. Juwel jumbo internal filter and Eheim pro 2078 external filter. Aquamedic 36w uv sterilizer. t5 day and t5 marine white tubes
Fish Kept: metriaclima zebra chilumba, ps elongatus mpanga , red top hongi , ps polit , electric yellow labs, likoma red top afra , bristlenose pleco
Corals/Plants Kept: all plastic.