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Privitor's Corals & Inverts Details and Photos - Photo 15364

User: privitor

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The Turtle and Fishs
Ranked #1207 out of 2378 corals & inverts worldwide
This picture looks better than 49.24% of pictures in this category
The Average Score for this picture is: 3.77
This picture has been rated : 61 times.
The Average Score for this category is: 4.71
State: Florida
Country: United States United States Flag
Photo Caption: The Turtle and Fishs
Description: 1-36g Malawi Cichlids 1-14g Planted Tetra 1-55g Turtle Tank 3-2g Betta
Advice: Plan your design carfully. there is nothing worst then tring to change anaquascape with fish living in it. Beginners or not, dont be afraid to try new things. you never know what will work unless you experiment.
Fish Kept: 1-36g Malawi Cichlids (newest) 3-Red Zebra, 2-Kenyis 1-14g Planted Tetra 12 Assorted Tetras 1-55g Turtle Tank 1-Redear Slider 3-2g Betta 2 Males, 1-Female
Corals/Plants Kept: 2-Dwaf Sag, 1-Red Wrate, 2 other unknown plants
Quote: "AWWWW, FEESH" Quote My 14 Month old Son



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